EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated

The EDI 860 transaction set represents the electronic Purchase Order Change Request. It is used by buyers to request a change to a purchase order (EDI 850) they previously submitted. The 860 may also be used by buyers to confirm their acceptance of changes to purchase orders made by the sellers. The 860 transaction is important for ensuring that the final order is accurate. The document provides information describing the original purchase order, as well as changes to that purchase order. Changes may include:
  • Add items
  • Change items
  • Change dates
  • Change quantity
  • Price change
  • Reschedule
After receiving an EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request from a customer, the seller can send an EDI 865 Purchase Order Acknowledgment with Change in response. Want to know more about mapping EDI data, file types and application data formats? With our EDI Training Courses, you and your team can learn detailed data mapping practices and techniques from the EDI experts. Contact 1 EDI Source now to register.

EDI 860 Format

EDI 860 Specification

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated Transaction Set (860) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to provide the information required for the customary and established business and industry practice relative to a purchase order change. This transaction can be used: (1) by a buyer to request a change to a previously submitted purchase order or (2) by a buyer to confirm acceptance of a purchase order change initiated by the seller or by mutual agreement of the two parties.


Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA. http://www.x12.org

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